Welcome to Calvary Chapel

Have you given up on church? Maybe the question should be Have you given up on your faith? Perhaps you attended services as a child and learned about God, but somehow through the storms of life it all seemed to drift away. Or maybe a bad church experience made you feel unwelcome and caused you to give up on it all together. If this is the case I would like to invite you to try a church for unchurched people.

Loving, Growing, Serving, Sharing

At Calvary Chapel our purpose statement is Bringing people to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. In other words we try to help people grow in their faith while going through the struggles of life. I believe that the Bible is a book of hope, and in it are the answers to the problems that plague our society today. Many people fail to understand that the Bible is relevant to their lives. Often times when a person has decided to follow Jesus, they are left with the question what do I do now? This is the reason our Sunday mornings are more teaching than preaching (I teach in jeans and sit on a stool) and we deal with culturally relevant issues from a biblical perspective. We accept people where they are, however we know Jesus does not want us to stay there for a lifetime. He wants us to grow spiritually and learn to live a life of obedience.

A Church for Unchurched People

Maybe you just feel confused about church in general, if so we would like to help. If you decide to attend you will notice no formal dress code. Jeans, earrings and tattoos are welcome. We are non-denominational with a contemporary worship style. I invite you to check it out and see if it is the place for you.

Calvary Chapel is located at 61 C I Chapman Ct., Taylorsville, NC. Service begins at 10:30am every Sunday morning. Fellowship breakfast begins at 10:00am.

Please come and join us on Sunday morning. We are so excited to have you visit with us.